Fátima. El Último Misterio.

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It is well known that the three shepherd children from Fatima beheld the Virgin Mary’s face before she revealed to them the three prophecies, in what was to become, in time, with all the theological pomp and the Advocation pyrotechnics of Mariology, not only a form of Faith, but also a theory on high-profile ecclesiology, turning the tiny Portuguese town in one of Christianity’s most important pilgrimage centres. Barcelona-born filmmaker and producer André Garrigó directs this controversial documentary exploring the impact those apparitions had on the world, as seen by an agnostic film editor, a reflection on the scepticism this event still produces in many. Fátima shows the influence the apparitions had in a century noticeable for Man’s warmongering, rightful protagonist of some of the most regrettable feats in humankind’s recent history. By taking in account these three mysteries, the director tries to explain some facts that by their own nature are irrational. The events happened at the beginning of the 20th Century and they were used, and this is Fátima’s greatest achievement, to try to end the strong sociopolitical tensions coming from communists countries. Being aware of the great emotional appeal surrounding the story, director and producer decided to propose the soundtrack to Palencia-born composer Oscar Martín Leanizbarrutia (Poveda, Soledad’s light, Freedom’s network). A musician with deep classical convictions (use of leitmotif), who searches and opens up the Fourth Mystery of the Marian apparitions…a mystery that, somehow, makes believable some unreal facts deeply rooted in Faith. That’s the greatest mystery of all! The sceptic’s conversion through music, a unique emotional agent of change, and which in this craftsman’s skillful hands becomes a full experience of Faith: an ideology or creed based on the truth etched on his stark melodies. The musician, far from taking one side or the other, chooses to transform the Marian message in the image of triumph…the triumph of the Love radiating from millions of unreasonable faithful gathered naked in the Cova da Iria Sanctuary, sacrosanct place where, it is said, the Virgin Mary appeared before the three shepherd children. The Marian message gets engraved on the stave the same way Christ’s face was imprinted on the Holy Shroud; in the same intuitive, fresh way a single leitmotif’s power defines the essence of the story itself. The music sets aside the apparitions’ theological and philosophical connotations to show a more emotional aspect of the religious event (manifestation and conversion), the one touching on the sensitivity of a huge number of believers in the Marian revelations. The fourth mystery has been unveiled…and Oscar is its keeper.

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